Design, Build & Installation

At Arc Elevators, we place a premium on client satisfaction and peace of mind.

We know you will be reassured if the company that designs your lift also builds, installs and services it. Unlike many other elevator companies, we do all four a full turnkey solution.

Bespoke Lifts

Arc Elevators is proud of its pedigree, founded and operating in the heart of east Lancashire.

Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, east Lancashire has maintained a strong tradition for engineering that continues through precision sectors such as aerospace and companies like Arc Elevators.

Goods Only Lifts

Need to move furniture in a storage warehouse, or perhaps bullion in a bank? We know how to shift all kinds of goods in a lift.

Our expertise is important as designing and installing a goods lift can be a complex operation, either because of the configuration of a building or the size and shape of the goods being transported.

Goods & Passenger Lifts

We are particularly proud of our goods and passenger lifts as they are a prime example of how Arc Elevators approaches new lift design.

MRLs (Machine Roomless Lifts) are a popular alternative to hydraulic models. They do not require a motor room, so take less space. They are also three times faster and much cleaner.

Passenger Lifts

Arc Elevators offers a flexible range of new passenger lifts, each built to individual client specification.

Arc can install traditional 8 person Traction MRL 630 kgs capacity lifts, or lifts of a less conventional size to meet client requirements. Our passenger lifts are installed in hotels and apartments, and can fit within existing shafts which often come in a variety of sizes and configurations.