Bespoke Lifts

Arc is perfectly placed to source suppliers from the cream of engineering expertise that surrounds their Colne base. One such company is Pendle Engineering who manufactures Arc’s lift cars and shafts.

Arc Elevators is proud of its pedigree, founded and operating in the heart of east Lancashire.

Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, east Lancashire has maintained a strong tradition for engineering that continues through precision sectors such as aerospace and companies like Arc Elevators.

Engineering design drives everything we do, from creating new lifts to solving old problems that other lift companies are reluctant to take on.

Pendle Engineering has built a reputation for manufacturing quality metal products and they are situated just three miles from Arc Engineering. Who better to take our innovative designs and turn them into reality?

Both companies work closely to ensure each lift system is developed to the highest standards of UK engineering to fulfill its specific purpose for you, the client.

This is a bespoke service, not mass production, and you will experience the difference for years to come, each time you step inside an Arc Elevator.