Design, Build & Installation

At Arc Elevators, we place a premium on client satisfaction and peace of mind.

We know you will be reassured if the company that designs your lift also builds, installs and services it. Unlike many other elevator companies, we do all four – a full turnkey solution. But that’s not all.

Each Arc elevator is custom designed to do the specific job required and not assembled as a standard package or adapted from off-the-shelf components. Our designers and engineers can create a lift to fit any size of shaft, or a shaft to work with any existing lift, a truly bespoke approach.

We lead the field in engineering innovation, such as our popular 2000 kgs MRL goods/passenger lift which provides the smooth efficiency of a traction lift, operating at much faster speeds than the hydraulic alternative and without the requirement of a machine room.

Every Arc lift is manufactured in the UK to our exacting specification, using only the materials and components we choose. We will be servicing these lifts throughout their working lives so, not surprisingly, they’re built to last!

The completed lifts are delivered direct to the client’s site to be met by our team of engineers who undertake the expert task of installing the entire lift system.

We also design easy service access into our lift systems, reducing maintenance downtime. That’s what you get with a full turnkey solution.

Arc Elevators – taking lifts to a new level.