Goods Only Lifts

Need to move furniture in a storage warehouse, or perhaps bullion in a bank? We know how to shift all kinds of goods in a lift.

Our expertise is important as designing and installing a goods lift can be a complex operation, either because of the configuration of a building or the size and shape of the goods being transported.

Sometimes it’s both, such as in our first hydraulic lift project for Britannia Premier Removals and Storage. This required a lift car with a floor size of 1500x2900mm, large enough to fit a three seater sofa, but also floor leveling capacity of only + or – 2mm, with re-leveling within 10 mm.

Britannia was delighted with the result and has since placed multiple orders with us.

In addition, we can install such elevators without a lift pit. We like to be tested!

Indeed we are the go-to elevator firm for bespoke solutions because we offer a full turnkey solution – from design to manufacture, installation and servicing.