Goods & Passenger Lifts

We are particularly proud of our goods and passenger lifts as they are a prime example of how Arc Elevators approaches new lift design.

MRLs (Machine Roomless Lifts) are a popular alternative to hydraulic models. They do not require a motor room, so take less space. They are also three times faster and much cleaner. However, previously they have been primarily used for passenger lifts only.

When Storefirst approached us to supply a goods and passenger lift capable of carrying 2000 kgs, we thought, why not make an MRL that can take that payload and still provide all the other benefits, And that’s exactly what we did.

The resulting lift was designed and engineered by Arc Elevators from scratch, and has become a popular industry leader, installed in Storefirst buildings across the UK, including Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham and Preston.

It’s another example of Arc Elevators innovation. In addition we continue to design and install the more traditional 2000kg hydraulic lift for passenger/goods use, to maintain a full range of elevators to suit all client requirements.